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Homespun has gone haute this spring with designers channeling their craftier side in the form of breezy pieces that look like they’ve always been hiding out in the closet—if that closet, say, belonged to your very chic, free-spirited aunt. Think dresses that feel stylishly well-loved, 1970s-era patchwork, macramé tunics and bags crafted with fishnetting and shell appliqués.

But with luxury labels sending these looks down the runway, this trend is much more designer that DIY. Macramé bags were a mainstay on the Chanel runway. Altuzarra made a splash with tunics and bags fashioned with fisherman-style rope and shells, while Chloe designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi cemented Chloe’s cool-girl status with a modern boho vibe in the form of crocheted dresses, rope belts and breezy cotton tunics with crochet details that would be perfectly at home lounging in Morocco beside a pot of mint tea.

Altuzarra Octavia knit dress, $995,

And the look has quickly trickled down from the runway to every day. So what is it about this trend that resonates with women so much right now?

“More than ever, women are craving authenticity and ease,” say Emily Current and Meritt Elliott of The Great, the celeb-adored LA-based line with a vintage-inspired take on American classics. “We live dynamic, active lives and want our wardrobe to feel classic, yet thoughtful, in proportion and styling—and easy to wear.”

Coach Dreamer bag with signature patchwork, $650,

While this trend doesn’t have to read vintage, there’s an heirloom quality to these pieces that people are drawn to, particularly as consumers have started to push back on mass-produced clothing.

Current and Elliot say that they look to vintage in their design process. “[We] treasure the small details of a garment that make it feel special—from hand embroideries, delicate trims or mending and repairs that add to its charm. We try to capture and incorporate these authentic characteristics in what we make, with the hope that our pieces feel unique, timeless and one of a kind.”


Espadrille tote bag, $895,


In addition to clothes with that effortlessly lived-in look, Current and Elliot have a wildly successful home line for Pottery Barn that also features the chic, nostalgic aesthetic that has catapulted the California-based design duo to superstar status—from the inception of their original beloved Current/Elliot denim line to their current label and collaborations.

The easiest way into this look is with accessories. If a shell or macramé bag feels too fussy, try a simple pouch. The designers created a limited-edition run of small drawstring pouches in their favorite core fabrics with the line’s signature sweet embroideries. “We wanted these little carryalls to feel soft and clever. We love that you can throw it into a bigger tote, pack it easily into a suitcase or wear with abandon to add a casual little accessory to a dressier look for the perfect ‘high/low’ balance,” Current and Elliot say.

Gucci GG leather macrame dress, $4,980,

It’s not only the clothing and home design space that have been inspired by the maker movement, Creative Director and branding expert Maria Valentin of The Stock Haus, a style-focused stock image site, says that she’s seen a big uptick in requests for images that reflect these fashion trends.

“Our clients—many of whom are in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space—can’t get enough of the boho-chic vibe, and they’re still drawn to the timeless warmth of blushes, neutrals and nudes,” Valentin says. “On-trend images that reflect an eclectic lifestyle and encourage creative, healthy and balanced living are just as in demand in graphic design and on screen as well. It’s all part of the visual harmony of living in today’s wild and wonderful world.”

By Michelle Dalton Tyree

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