Plaid Makes a Comeback

This season, clothes patterned in dashing plaid make the man. From bold to subtle prints, many top designers have reinterpreted this fashion staple to create menswear with a modern sensibility.

“The plaid trend is back,” confirms Montage Beverly Hills stylist Joseph Katz, known for his red carpet appearances at the Academy Awards, contributions to fashion media and his own custom tie and handbag collections. “It is a nod to the ’80s and ’90s with a 2016 modern-chic style,” he says, and prints ranging from classic tartan and checks to windowpane patterns epitomize the look.

But modernizing the motif is essential. Katz says to keep the look current by keeping it simple: pairing a statement plaid jacket with a no-fuss sweater and a pair of khaki pants or jeans for ensemble elements that complement—but don’t compete—and fit well. “If it is too big, the pattern will not look good,” he says. “The pattern is usually bold, so the fit needs to be just right.”

Katz takes a piece by piece approach to styling, but says, “For a suit or blazer, I love a simple, subtle plaid in a mix of brown, black and white, as well as shades of light and dark brown. … I am also loving the bold plaid outerwear jackets and overcoats that have a strong plaid pattern.” He’s drawn to jackets from Bottega Veneta that utilize the print in a subtle fashion, but also singles out Salvatore Ferragamo’s fitted plaid suit as a daring option. As he says, “Head-to-toe plaid, takes a fashion savvy dresser.”

The Boucle Check Notch Lapel Plaid Jacket from Brunello Cucinelli
The Boucle Check Notch Lapel Jacket from Brunello Cucinelli is classic with its rich hue and windowpane pattern, $3,675.
Peter Millar FA16 clothing line designed by Raleigh based apparel company founded by Chris Knott. Photography by Heather Beasley.
The Mackinaw Tartan shirt from Peter Millar is classic with its fall hues and distinct pattern, $125, at select Montage properties.


The Check Plaid Topcoat In Dark Teal Wool
Burberry’s The Check Topcoat In Dark Teal Wool is a statement piece with its long silhouette and peak lapels, $3,295.
Keep the plaid look simple and modern this fall with the Allister shirt in blackberry from Rodd & Gunn, $148, at select Montage properties.

By Jenn Thornton