Profile: Hayley Denman

Jewelry Designer Hayley Denman

Hayley Denman was always destined for a career in fashion. The daughter of a clothing designer, Denman credits her mother for planting her sartorial seed. “She’s beautiful; she always dressed well, and I guess that’s really where it all started,” Denman says. By the time she landed her first job in retail at 15 years old, Denman knew she was hooked for life. “I loved styling and making people feel good,” says the Miami native. “I loved finding something that made them happy.”

Flash forward to present day and Denman continues to experience that satisfaction as both a stylist and the designer of her bohemian jewelry line, Hayley Style Rocks, an eclectic collection of versatile, one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces and bracelets strung with charms ranging from carved Buddha heads and elephants to dainty, crystal-bedecked butterflies and crescent moons.

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Pieces from Hayley Denman’s jewelry line, “Hayley Style Rocks”

“Feminine” and “fashion forward” are a few of the ways Denman describes the line, which runs the gamut in price from $100 to $7,000. Denman’s designs constantly evolve as she looks to current trends and client desires. As of late, the designer has been incorporating a lightweight hollow gold into her line. “That’s the beauty of my collection. It changes and gets better with age,” Denman says. “Every time a client comes back—I would say, every six months—there’s something new.” With regular travels to India and gem shows around the country to source precious and semiprecious stones, Denman incorporates an abundance of hand-cut gems paired with gold and diamonds into the line.

Hayley Style Rocks was quickly picked up at Montage Hotels & Resorts among other high-end retreats where Denman currently represents a handful of clothing brands. Selling jewelry in a luxury resort retail environment has plenty of perks, including—most importantly—the women she meets. “I love meeting a guest on vacation because she’s happy,” Denman says. And with regular trunk shows around the country, Denman is likely to see the same guest multiple times, whether it be at Montage Laguna Beach or Montage Palmetto Bluff. “Every month, I am somewhere beautiful,” Denman muses. “I have the best office anyone could dream of.”

Savvy Styles

With a wealth of assorted designs in Hayley Denman’s Hayley Style Rocks jewelry line, there is something for every occasion. Here, Denman shares a few favorites from her current collection. Prices for all pieces are available upon request at Montage boutiques.

  • “I love the mix of chain with pearls and diamonds as well as the diamonds on wood—after all, two hearts are better than one.”

  • “Warm gold tones and pearls make any look utterly feminine. And with the ability to choose your own pendants, the options are endless.”

  • “This necklace is cool and chic for everyday [wear]. And the colored stone feather is a fun addition to any outfit.”

  • “I love the combo of these pendants—the sun, moon and star—with a pop of color. And this is the ultimate all-pave diamond chain.”

By Lesley Mckenzie