Healthy Dining Resolutions

With all of the drinks and desserts, it’s no wonder that resolving to eat healthy after a season of festive feasts is one of the most popular new year resolutions. Yet, it’s also among the hardest to sustain. When it comes to food, the proof is—quite literally—in the pudding for most of us. But tastes are turning, with Montage’s high-end restaurants satisfying a growing desire for health-first fare.

“Many of our guests lead an active, healthy lifestyle,” explains David Viviano, executive chef of Cane & Canoe at Montage Kapalua Bay. “It is important to ensure we have nutritious, yet delicious, options. I source local fruits and vegetables whenever available. In addition, I procure antibiotic- and hormone-free proteins as much as possible. If you source the finest ingredients, preparations can remain simple with the absence of unnecessary oil or butter.”

Responding to the increasingly ravenous appetite for health-conscious cuisine, Montage chefs are serving options that are vegan and gluten- and dairy-free while utilizing locally sourced ingredients that are low in fat and rich in nutrients.

Montage’s mantra to “cook locally and seasonally,” as Viviano puts it, is a good rule of thumb to follow when eating. It’s sensible, achievable and, at properties from Laguna Beach to Palmetto Bluff, truly something to savor.


For Goodness’ Sake

Delicacy takes a wholesome detour with these upscale healthy eats on menus across Montage’s restaurants.


Mosaic Bar and Grille
Montage Laguna Beach
Reinventing a classic American staple, the quinoa black bean burger is a nourishing nosh with quinoa, black beans, tomato, spinach, guacamole, mozzarella, a wheat bun and chipotle sauce. Fresh ingredients and whole grains make this burger a vegetarian winner. You can even go vegan by leaving off the cheese and chipotle sauce.


Montage Palmetto Bluff
At Buffalo’s, the simple, clean flavors of the Detox salad are the order of the day. Made with apples, goji berries, kale, quinoa, radishes and acai lemon vinaigrette, the dish is a bounty of fresh-tasting, no-fasting fare from Executive Chef Nathan Beriau, a strong proponent of clean and healthy eating.


Montage Beverly Hills
On the modern American menu at renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s restaurant Georgie is the yellow beet hummus with basil yogurt and spiced walnuts. Giving comfort food a delicious kick of flavor, this snack-sized dish comes perfectly portioned for a dose of indulgence without an ounce of guilt.


Cane & Canoe
Montage Kapalua Bay
The Pacific Rim cioppino is good health in a bowl with key ingredients like Kona lobster, mahi mahi, Kauai shrimp, jasmine rice and kaffir lime-tomato broth, making it gorgeous for the eyes and succulent for the stomach. “This dish is loaded with lean protein,” says Executive Chef David Viviano. “The simple shellfish-enriched broth is also low in fat.”


Montage Deer Valley
Look for Apex to lure in the health-conscious crowd with its ultrafresh house-smoked Utah trout salad. Beautiful and bountiful, the salad’s rainbow of earthly delights, including haricot verts, Brussels sprout leaves, buttermilk gel and cured egg yolk, surrounds its namesake protein, and is topped with a gremolata crumble and pomegranate vinaigrette.

By Jenn Thornton