Ice Ice Baby

It’s shocking the difference the right ice cube can make in a cocktail, but it’s true: The right (or wrong) frozen accompaniment can make or break your drink.

Montage Kapalua Bay

In this science experiment-meets-cocktail, the Aloe-Ha Oe, available at The Hideaway, uses tea made with steeped pea flowers imported from Thailand to make ice cubes that turn from deep blue to purple in the presence of acid. The cocktail itself, a refreshing play on the margarita with smoky mezcal and aloe vera, is savorous unto its own, but a work of art in the presence of the purple-ombre ice effect.


Montage Palmetto Bluff

Tired of your adult-version Arnold Palmer being watered down by subpar ice cubes? Montage Palmetto Bluff has come up with a solution: iced tea ice cubes. At Octagon Porch, the resort’s farm-to-table restaurant, request the frozen enhancement in your cocktail, or in a simple midday iced tea pick-me-up.

Montage Beverly Hills

Offering world-class spirits requires an unspoken accompaniment: world-class ice cubes. That’s why at £10, Montage Beverly Hill’s cozy second-floor bar, the finest spirits are complemented with an ice sphere of water imported from the Scottish Highlands. Add Lalique crystal glassware and your drinking game has just gone up untold levels of class.

Ice made with water imported from the Scottish Highlands is served in a Lalique crystal glass at £10 at Montage Beverly Hills.