Liquid Assets: Dom Pérignon

Beverage Manager Jesus Evangelista offers a lesson in patience as he finally uncorks a vintage worth waiting for.

Dom Pérignon is produced only in the best vintages, which means that every bottle is a snapshot into some of the finest years in champagne. Also, as a rule, Dom Pérignon is produced no more than six vintages per decade, ensuring the emphasis is on quality, not exposure.

Dom Pérignon 2004 was first released in 2013. It was not an instant, ready-to-drink wine like 2003, however its potential for evolution and aging ability was widely recognized. Over the last three years I have personally tasted the 2004 vintage every few months, anxiously awaiting the day it would wake up and emerge gracefully from its larval, dormant phase.

Couple Enjoying Dom Pérignon
Every taste showed more signs of what the wine would become, until three years later it began to show their signature style of being sleek, graceful and delicate, but with a clarity and focus that can only be Dom Pérignon.

Three years I waited for this wine to evolve, and now I believe it is finally ready to share with our guests and will only continue to improve over the next ten to fifteen years.

Georgie Beverage Manager Jesus Evangelista and a 2004 Vintage Dom Pérignon
Georgie Beverage Manager Jesus Evangelista

The true beauty of Dom Pérignon lies not only within its longevity, but in the layered tension of its complexity. A beautiful tug-of-war between fragility and intensity, density and weightlessness, while being shy but expressive. To highlight this, we have chosen not to simply serve glasses of Dom Pérignon, but to make it an immersive experience. Each glass will be served with an amuse-bouche, handcrafted by Georgie Executive Chef Freddy Vargas to specifically enhance the flavors and aromas of the 2004 vintage. Dom Pérignon enjoys being in good company, so prepare for ingredients that are equally as luxurious. Do not be surprised if foie gras, truffles or caviar make their way to your table.

Cuvee Dom Pérignon, Vintage 2004
Served via Perlage Champagne Preservation System
$60 per glass
Available at Georgie, The Garden Bar and In-Room Dining

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