Sweet Tooth

At Montage Hotels & Resorts, the sweet tooth reigns. Montage pastry chefs are inspired by nature’s beauty, poignant childhood memories and bright, fresh, local ingredients. Here are a few of the artistic wonders coming out of the kitchens around the globe.

Cheesecake Lollipop
Lee Smith, Executive Pastry Chef, Montage Laguna Beach

“We were looking for a fresh new way to serve cheesecake, the pop idea reminds us all of when we were children, so adds a nostalgic and fun note to the experience,” says Lee Smith, executive pastry chef at Montage Laguna Beach. “The overall flavor profile is of orange creamsicle. For our menu creations, the taste and ingredients always come first, we decide which flavors and flavor combinations are appropriate for the season then create a balanced menu from there.Trends in food presentation are always evolving so the vision and appearance are always the fun part. We bake organic Valencia orange cream cheesecake, dip it in smooth white chocolate studded with caramelized hazelnuts, and serve it on a bed of fresh Valencia oranges with mandarins and candied oranges, garnished with spicy Kinomi leaves.”

Huckleberry Cheesecake
David Sampson, Executive Pastry Chef, Montage Palmetto Bluff

“I’ve been making and trying to perfect cheesecake since I was a teenager. It’s one of the things that I like to make and love to eat (my family also),” says David Sampson, executive pastry chef at Montage Palmetto Bluff. “My dad has blueberry bushes back home in upstate NY. Huckleberries seemed to be a good fit for Palmetto Bluff in place of the blueberries. The dessert is very simple: a graham cracker crust with huckleberry flavored cheesecake, whipped cream, huckleberry sauce and sugar tuile made from huckleberries as well.”

Coco Paleta
Montage Los Cabos

A paleta is a traditional Mexican popsicle, water or cream-based. This cool dessert is served year-around at Montage Los Cabos and is made with coconut sorbet, dulce de leche and avocado mousse on a swirl of cilantro oil.

Honey State Beehive
Stephen Jones, Executive Pastry Chef, Montage Deer Valley

This edible chocolate beehive with assorted confections was created to celebrate Utah, also known as the Beehive State. The dessert pays homage to that in a new and delicious way and is available as a part of the resort’s “Indulgences” Amenity menu year round.

The Baked Hawaii
Robert Barrera, Chef de Cuisine, Montage Kapalua Bay Cane & Canoe

The Baked Hawaii is Chef de Cuisine Robert Barrera’s version of the Baked Alaska, available to guests at Montage Kapalua Bay. “Our version of the iconic Baked Alaska is an island-inspired inter-pretation of that classic and we experimented with several different flavor combinations before deciding on this final dish,” Barrera says. “We chose ingredients that promise a taste of the islands. The center is a combination of strawberry and mango ice cream. This sits on top of lilikoi (passion fruit) cremeaux, lilikoi spongecake and a layer of white chocolate feuilletine for a crunchy texture. It is covered with coconut- infused meringue that is piped on to resemble a pineapple. It is topped with dark chocolate that has been shaped to mimic the leaves on top of a pineapple.”