Living in the Glow

For Tata Harper, health and beauty are one and the same. Cultivating premium, 100 percent natural, synthetic-free ingredients from her farm in Vermont, this plant-based skin care heroine has made a name for herself as a strong voice for women who are unwilling to compromise their health for a luxurious pamper.

Originally from Baranquilla, Colombia, Harper struggled to find the quality, nontoxic products that led her to develop Tata Harper Skincare. It was not only Harper’s ambition for mindful living that inspired her idea for an all-natural skin care line, but also her mother’s sage advice about self-care and the experience of watching her stepfather battle cancer, at which time she learned from doctors about the toxic effects that exposure to chemicals can have on the immune system. Together, these notions nurtured her company’s mantra—no one should sacrifice their health for beauty.

Harper, a mother of three, lives on an organic farm in Vermont with her co-CEO and husband, where they grow and manufacture most of their products. In Utah, Montage Deer Valley is the exclusive spa that carries her skin care line. Here, she talks to Montage Magazine about living organically, her farm-to-face skin care regime and being a green beauty guru.

Tata Harper and two of her children in her home country, Colombia.

Montage Magazine: Has organic living always been part of your life?

Tata Harper: I’d say I’ve always led a mindful life, but it was when my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer—and through helping him change his lifestyle—that I started to examine everything I was putting in and on my body. I couldn’t find any natural products that gave me the results and the luxury experience I was looking for, so I set out to create my own. No one should have to sacrifice their health for their beauty—and that is our mantra.

MM: What is your daily skin care regimen?

TH: I always exfoliate and polish with our Regenerating Cleanser in the morning. Exfoliating daily really allows my skin to be buildup free and glowing, and lets products sink in better. I follow with our Hydrating Floral Essence to help prep my skin for treatment and allow my serums to penetrate deeper. Then, it’s all about layering—I use Elixir Vitae Serum on my whole face, Restorative Eye Crème around my eyes and then the Reparative Moisturizer. Last, but not least, I usually put a layer of Be Adored on my lips for a plump, rosy look.

MM: Why did you choose Vermont?

TH: It was actually never really my plan to build my business here, it evolved organically. We bought the farm about 13 years ago while we were living in Miami and wanted to move back north. We wanted to make our products ourselves, and the farm provided the space and resources to manufacture the products and even grow some of the ingredients, and became the perfect birthplace for Tata Harper Skincare.

Tata Harper Skincare products on display in Spa Montage at Montage Deer Valley.

MM: Along with running Tata Harper Skincare, you have a full house of three kids and eight dogs. How do you balance your work and home life?

TH: Self-care is really important to me. I always make sure to take time for myself, whether it’s a bath after a long day or meditation in the morning; this makes me the best version of myself. … Yes, it can be crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

MM: What is your definition of beauty and when do you feel most beautiful?

TH: There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman, and having a proper self-care routine (both on the inside and outside) helps this. I feel most beautiful when my skin is super healthy and glowing. I hope this trend helps more women realize they don’t need to spend 30 minutes hiding things with makeup, and instead use that time to make their skin healthier and do a more complete regimen.

MM: What advice would you give to your daughters or other young women?

TH: My mother taught me … to see skin care as a way of taking care of yourself, and how great taking a little bit of time … for yourself makes you feel. I’m so grateful she taught me to see beauty as, not an extravagance, but as a way to better yourself and to make yourself feel and look good.

By Ashley Ward