What’s in Your Bag? with Ashleigh Dempster

Ashleigh Dempster, founder of AKID, a crafted collection of stylish children’s clothing, prioritizes fitness, follows her passion and finds inspiration everywhere she goes. The Canadian-born Los Angeles resident and mother of three keeps it comfy and fashionable for the little ones with her stylish line of children’s footwear and clothing, which has been scooped up by the “it” crowd.

AKID Scratch hoodie

The idea for AKID began in 2014, after Dempster found it challenging to find unique, stylish footwear for her toddler son. AKID expanded into apparel in 2016 with a few key pieces, but will be extending the offering to a full collection this year. “We design for children aged 2 to 8, and have been coined an industry leader, offering fresh, gender-neutral interpretations of classic styles,” Dempster says. “AKID’s ethos is streetwear-inspired and features unexpected patterns and embellishments for the fashion-savvy family.”

AKID Scratch sweatpants

Montage Magazine sat down with Dempster to ask which must-have travel items are always packed in her bag.

AKID Remington bandana-print sneakers


Montage Magazine: What are your favorite destinations for travel?

Ashleigh Dempster: Between work and kids, my travel has been less about pleasure the past few years. That being said, a three-hour flight for business with no distraction and just time to myself is almost like a mini vacation in its own right. As a family, we frequent Canada, Mexico, Montana and the Bahamas to visit relatives.


MM: Favorite weekend getaway?

AD: Cabo is the most perfect weekend getaway from LA and top of the list for dining is a meal and gelato at Flora Farms.

Anine Bing Croco tote bag 

MM: Favorite bag to travel with?

AD: I have a few very well-loved Rimowa suitcases in different sizes that I rotate between depending on the trip. Then I always have a large purse/carry-on bag—something that doesn’t have a zipper [like my Anine Bing tote bag] that I can easily throw things in or grab when I need it.

Rimowa suitcase 


MM: What is your packing personality?

AD: I’ve gotten better on the packing front since I met my husband. He travels light no matter the distance or time away, so I’ve learned to streamline. I never leave home without clothes for the gym, and a change of clothes for the kids. Then the rest are basics I can dress up or down. I’d like to think I’m super organized and plan ahead but not sure that’s a reality for me yet. I’m working on it.


MM: Is there something you always carry in your bag, no matter what?

AD: Gee tinted moisturizer. Does that count as a sentimental item? Oh, and my St. Christopher’s medal.

St. Christopher Medal

MM: Are accessories a big part of your travel wardrobe?

AD: Shoes and and jackets are how I accessorize. You can wear a really simple outfit but completely change the look by swapping out the shoes or throwing on a statement coat. For jewelry, I’m partial to anything by Anita Ko and usually just wear her pieces day to night.

Anita Ko rose gold diamond cuff

MM: When you are on the plane, do you work, write, read or sleep?

AD: This depends. If I’m with my kids, I open snacks, take trips to the bathroom, diffuse meltdowns and act as a travel pillow/cot while they nap. If I’m by myself, I dive into as many books as possible.


MM: Any travel tips for our readers?

AD: Nothing cures jet lag better than a large green juice (no fruit) and a good workout. It’s worth it.

By Suzette Lipscomb