Brad Meltzer’s February Book Recommendations

In 2016, Montage Hotels & Resorts named New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer as the brand’s literary ambassador. In this role, Meltzer recommends his favorite literary finds for both children and adults each month on Below you will find his book suggestions for the month of February.

February Book Recommendations for Adults

“Replica” by Lauren Oliver

“Replica” by Lauren OliverExploring issues of individuality, identity, and humanity, “Replica” is a “flip book” containing two interconnected stories: Turn the book one way and read Lyra’s story, which begins in the Haven Institute, a secret facility where thousands of Replicas, or human models (of which Lyra is one), are born, raised, and observed; turn the book over and upside down and read Gemma’s story, where a lonely teen investigates her family’s past and discovers her father’s connection to Haven. “A secret government facility builds Replicas,” says Melzer. “To me, that’s cool enough. But “Replica” is also a flip-book, meaning you read half of it, then you flip in over and read it from a different narrator. However you read it, it’s epic goodness.”

February Book Recommendations for Young Adults

“The Vindico” by Wesley King

“The Vindico” by Wesley King

“A young family member gave me this book—about a group of super-villains who are trying to build the next generation,” says Meltzer of this fast paced adventure. In “The Vindico,” four teenagers and one preteen, all from different backgrounds, are forcibly recruited into a league of super-villains who have been fighting their enemies, the League of Heroes, for as long as anyone can remember. In a remote mansion, they are given superpowers as they attempt to learn the difference between good and evil and figure out which side they should be fighting for.
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