How to Stock Your Vacation-Home Closet

Dressing the Part

“Second-home closets should be outfitted like your main residence,” says Missy Clements, Corporate Director, Retail at Montage International. “Your closet should include all the seasonal items you can think of, so you can pop in at any given time throughout the year.”

While almost everyone overpacks on vacation, the change in temperature from day to night—whether at a mountain or a coastal retreat—is what catches us off guard. Clements suggests a cashmere wrap for women and quarter zips for men. She also recommends having several swimsuits and cover-ups available—one for swimming and one for lounging. The same applies for special-occasion options, like cocktail attire, in case an invitation comes in.

More than anything, a well-stocked wardrobe also benefits your future self: “Having your residence fully outfitted lets you travel light and gives you more time to do the things you love rather than packing and unpacking.”


Double Take

“We have all lost at least one pair of sunglasses. Having your favorite pair in each residence is a bonus, so when you are shopping for shades, buy two!” Luxuriator by Franco, Franco Beverly Hills unisex sunglasses, $895, available at
image of sunglasses

Luxury Eyewear


Now Departing

“Keep an extra duffel bag in the closet for those quick getaways.” Rodd & Gunn Large Weekender, $1,295, available at and Shops at Montage

Work It

“Don’t forget your workout gear! Whether you have a home gym or you prefer the resort facilities, you will want to continue your wellness program with the right attire and shoes.” Vuori collection, available at and Shops at Montage



“A cashmere wrap is a must-have for women at every residence.” Oyuna Ulin cashmere shawl, $331, available at