A Path to Wellness

If the recent explosion of interest in wellness has you thinking about taking your lifestyle down a healthier path, good for you. Study after study shows that even modest positive changes in diet, exercise and stress reduction can have a surprisingly powerful effect on all aspects of health, from the measurable, like cholesterol, to those vital but indefinable elements such as happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.

 Experts say that wellness comprises five qualities: restoration, nourishment, movement, serenity and purpose. But what does that actually mean? Then there are the details: Yoga or Pilates? Soy or another plant-based protein alternative? And is meditation really all it’s cracked up to be?

 To help you create your own path to wellness, Montage Palmetto Bluff will gather together some of the top wellness professionals in the country for a fully immersive weekend-long event focused exclusively on nourishing and invigorating your body, mind and spirit. The inaugural Well Living weekend is scheduled for July 24-26 and will feature classes, lectures, mind and body therapies, food, wine and mini-spa treatments.

The keynote speaker for the weekend is Deepak Chopra, the author, physician and alternative-medicine expert who has helped millions of people around the world discover peace, fulfillment and strength. His 90th book, “Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential,” which was published in 2019, proves that, with the right combination of awareness, lifestyle changes and consciousness-raising, we can better control how we respond to situations when life goes out of kilter and we feel out of control. His keynote speech, titled “The Nature of Reality,” will focus on the idea that when you know who you really are, you will manifest your dreams at the highest level. Chopra will be joined by a group of sought-after men and women who, using a wide variety of methods and practices, have helped thousands of clients, patients and students uncover hidden strength, inner peace and vitality.

Keynote speaker Deepak Chopra


Among the programs are:

Painting and art therapy with award-winning Nashville-based artist and author Amanda Norman: This hands on experience will allow participants to experience the fluidity of water color painting as it relates to life, learn to let go of the need for “staying inside the lines and enjoy where that takes you.”  

A panel on food as the ultimate medicine with Nashville-based biodynamic agriculture experts Will and Christie Tarleton, the founders of Six Boots Farms and Yuyo Botanics, will focus on how to nourish the earth while nourishing our bodies, the benefits of biodynamic farming, the value of agriculture and how hemp as a crop has been able to transform both the body and the earth.

Moon magic with intuitive healer Holly Ramey will be a guided moon ritual, meditation activation and discussion about current astrology and how to work with the energy of the moon. Her relaxing meditation is mixed with energy healing and incorporates breath work and visualization techniques to guide guests in setting your intentions for the next lunar cycle. 

Energetic flow with Dr. John Amaral, DC: Amaral, whose Energy Flow Formula combines neuroscience with ancient practices to help clients create and sustain new levels of energy, clarity and fulfillment, is featured in a recent the goop lab series on Netflix with Gwyneth Paltrow. In this one-hour class, guests will discover how to get out of fight-or-flight, an overwhelmed state of stress, and into an elevated state of human experience that comes from being truly connected with your body. 

Living in a flow state with Sarah Frick: This pioneer of boutique fitness in Charleston, South Carolina breaks down what a flow state is in five different stages of life: Self, Career, Love, Life/Community and Grief by using examples from her own experiences.  

A yoga class at Montage Palmetto Bluff

Shamanic meditation and sound bath and shamanic journey with cacoa with certified shaman Tanya Colucci: The first is a meditation and sound bath for a heart opening sound and energy experience; the latter a guided shamanic journey with a ceremony that dates back to the Mayan and Aztec times when cacao (chocolate) beans were used for inner awakening and creativity. This ancient practice will teach you how to connect to your highest self.  

A journey through plant-based eating with chef Charity Morgan: A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts who has taken her passion for food and applied it to helping people transition from an animal-based diet to a plant-based lifestyle, Morgan has worked with several NFL players and their families to adopt more healthful, balanced lifestyles through vegan eating.

Lauren Roxburgh’s movement meditation will participants embody radiance, freedom, grace, fluidity and strength by cleansing the tissues, releasing toxic emotions, building foundational strength and raising their vibrations.

Stress Management with Ashish Pandaya, an Ayurveda expert, stress management teacher and founding member of the clean beauty brand, Shankara, who will help guests explore the connection of emotions to breath and learn that the solutions to most of our stress is in our minds.Pandaya will also open the weekend speaking about health, happiness, and swathsa—-the Sanskrit word meaning “to be established in the self.”

While wellness has long been a part of the Palmetto Bluff lifestyle, the South is not often associated with wellness, says Montage Palmetto Bluff General Manager Casey Lavin, and several of the practitioners that we recognized as leaders in the industry had not visited our region. By bringing Well Living weekend to Montage Palmetto Bluff, we hope to start a greater conversation about the way of life we are choosing to live, connectivity and health.

To reserve, visit montagewell-living.com or call 866-706-6565.

By Katie McElveen