Flower Power

Healing practitioners have long known the therapeutic benefits of flowers, from the ancient Egyptians, who believed that absorbing their fragrance was a gift from the gods, to the Bach Flower essences created in England in the 1930s to address issues of mind-body health.

“Originating in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, healing flowers and herbs have been used for centuries for their therapeutic properties to relieve pain and inflammation,” says Melissa McMahon, spa director at Spa Montage Laguna Beach, where a nurturing bouquet of healing flowers serve as the inspiration for the restorative California Wildflower massage. At Spa Montage Los Cabos, it’s the damiana flower used in the Jewel of Baja treatment, which natives believe have healing power. And relaxing wild organic lavender is used in Spa Montage Deer Valley’s Lavender Dreams Body Treatment.

California Wildflower Massage, Montage Laguna Beach

In this restorative 90- or 120-minute massage, relaxing floral essences are inhaled before a heated flower compress massage soothes and balances the body, restores flexibility and relieves aches and pains while healing the skin. A therapeutic massage with a flower-infused oil renews, and a specialty neroli flower scalp massage eases tension. Waves of enchanting jasmine and uplifting orange boost the mood and leave a soft satin finish on the hands and feet, resulting in feelings of harmony and joy. “One of the greatest benefits of our California Wildflower poultices is the unique multiflower blend,” McMahon says. “All our herbs are derived from the flowers of California known to offer a completely natural remedy to common ailments.”

The Jewel of Baja, Montage Los Cabos

Natives from Baja believe in the seductive and healing power of the damiana flower, also known as the Jewel of Baja, so Spa Montage has integrated it into its menu of services. This two-hour experience begins with a foot bath ritual, followed by a full-body cleansing with a natural sea sponge, which prepares the body and mind for receiving the power of local herbs combined with natural damiana and agave honey in a nurturing wrap. While guests are cocooned to allow the herbs to penetrate into the skin, a cold floral facial mask is used to balance body temperature, followed by a four-handed massage by two therapists. The journey concludes with the spa’s signature damiana elixir. “A true endemic sense of the Baja, the damiana elixir can bring about a profound shift in consciousness that lends itself to full and satisfying experiences in the here and now,” says Maxime Cormier, wellness and spa curator at Spa Montage Los Cabos.

Lavender Dreams, Montage Deer Valley

Lavender, believed to be useful for addressing anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness, is the main ingredient in this 90-minute spa treatment, where guests will inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender as they sink into dreams of lavender fields kissed by the sun. This completely uplifting and rejuvenating spa experience includes a two-step invigorating full-body scrub and ends with a fingertip scalp massage and a soothing back and foot massage using warm healing stones.


By Justine Amodeo