In-Room Yoga Workout

Between hosting and attending parties, spending time with family and jetting off on seasonal holidays, winter’s busy schedule can seriously cut into the time normally set aside for self-care—especially when it comes to exercise. But staying regularly active is vital to keeping in good health and every little bit can make a difference for your body and mind. Few methods of physical activity are as immediately effective as yoga, and just five minutes of movement can benefit you.

“ … [Yoga] works really quickly. … You feel better from the first move,” says Sara Ivanhoe, a celebrity trainer and the current yoga spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. Ivanhoe, who earned a master’s degree in yoga philosophy from Loyola Marymount University, notes that for many busy people, finding time to practice fitness or meditation is what enables them to accomplish so much throughout their day. “ … If you just take a little bit of time, even just 10 minutes, or even if you stop and do three stretches with your arms, it’s almost like you can hit the reset button,” Ivanhoe says.

Celebrity trainer and yoga spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, Sara Ivanhoe
Sara Ivanhoe is a celebrity trainer and the current yoga spokeswoman for Weight Watchers (Photos in this post by Jody Tiongco)

While sneaking in a quick five- or 10-minute yoga workout will not drastically change your body, it will have an effect on your ability to be confident and productive throughout the remainder of the day. Or, as Ivanhoe says, “ … Five minutes a day is going to make you feel better no matter what you look like, and that’s the key.”

While Montage Hotels & Resorts offer a range of exciting fitness classes, sometimes a busy schedule prevents a visit to the gym. Here, Ivanhoe shares a workout from her Taste yoga series: A compilation of 10 short routines that cover topics including wake, work, cleanse, burn and sleep. As the series notes, “Life moves quickly. Some days all you have time for is just a ‘Taste.’ ” To purchase the full Taste DVD, visit

By Briana Verdugo